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About Melissa Lorentson

Melissa Lorentson

With 12 years of various massage experience, Melissa has honed her skills to find and correct soft tissue problems. Her passion for her work and clients is inspired and she will leave you feeling better and educated in whatever your goal is.  From relaxation to medical massage, her knowledge and healing touch is just what you need to begin a new path free from discomforts and stress.

Melissa Lorentson has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004 and has already made her mark on the lives of many clients. Between 11 years in resort and day spas and 2 years of chiropractic office massage, Melissa has blended her vast working knowledge of massage therapy and the human body and has developed a very effective and definitive style of her own. Her expertise ranges from relaxation, neuromuscular, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) and bamboo massage (Myofascial release), to medical, pre-natal, sports, and overall therapeutic bodywork. Melissa’s passion for her work combined with her innate ability to follow a pain to its source has kept a vast majority of guests devoted to her specific style of care. Her main goal is to meet the needs of each individual and provide as much education and support as desired.

Immediately out of massage school, she spent 5 years with the Marriott Corporation where she was surrounded with luxurious amenities and a warm, lush ambiance. This is where she began to hone her intuitive type of massage and really come to understand the value of impeccable customer service. She even got to meet J.W. Marriott, Jr. and shares “He’s a really nice and normal man who eats with the cleaning staff when he visits.” Her Marriott tenure also provided her the opportunity to exchange massages with colleagues from many different countries who gladly shared the techniques of their cultures. As rewarding as this experience was, Melissa felt a strong calling to learn more medical and sports massage in order to be able to help fix structural imbalances. After spending a couple of years focused on these techniques, a new chapter has opened for this passionate body worker, as Intuitive Massage affords her the opportunity to marry the therapeutic massage to one of pure relaxation.

Melissa excitedly attends workshops and classes, usually based on trends in pain patterns that she is finding in her guests and loves to do the detective work it takes to truly help long term. When Melissa Lorentson isn’t ‘geeking out’ about how amazing the human body is, she can be tracked down singing with the Fort Myers Mastersingers, hanging out with her brilliant 8 year old, or traveling.